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Chasing after Paradise

    As we chase after the intangibles and the fleeting pleasures of this world pondering the questions of life after death or why we even run this race, we overlook the obvious. We fail to see what’s right in front of us and instead we concern ourselves with this worlds treasures and how we compare to those beside us. The world around us sends thousands of bright lights at us each second of every day. Some of these lights are meant to dazzle us with the awe of their beauty. While yet others are meant to seduce and distract us from our course. Some are sent to entice us to envy or jealousy. The last of these lights are meant to fill our hearts with fear. To get us to doubt and mistrust ourselves and those around us.

    Thousands of bright lights to distract and entice us as we search for that ever illusive paradise. Paradise – that place where once there, we will be completely whole and lack nothing. The place where we will no longer need the bright lights of distraction because we will in fact have it all. We will have arrived. But has anyone ever really reached this paradise?
The truth is that this “paradise” is the biggest carrot on a stick that dangles out of our reach no matter how hard we run or how far we go to attain it. It is the brightest of bright lights sent to seduce and distract us. It’s is as much an illusion as it is unattainable. Yet we pursue it.
In reality the paradise we seek is inside of us. It’s there inside us asleep waiting to be awakened by the Spirit of the Living God Who died a humiliating and painful death so that the gates of the only one true paradise would be opened for all who seek it. Turn away from the illusion of the bright lights and lies and turn towards the Light of the World – Jesus
Jesus – Son of the only One True God and Creator of all things. He alone can fill that space within you and secure you a place in the everlasting paradise that is soon to come. The days are short and the light of this world will soon fizzle away but Jesus Christ is eternal and unchanging. Turn to Him now in humility and sincerity of heart and He will reach down and touch your soul. You will be new and you will live forever. FOREVER IN PARADISE!

    Stop running after the illusion and grab hold of the real unchanging hand of the only begotten Son of God – He reaches out for you – NOW

” what does god need with a starship?”

In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Capt Kirk interrupts a conversation between Spock’s half brother, Sybok,  and an entity he believes to be god. The entity wants to take control of the Starship Enterprise to deliver his message to all the universe. Kirk interrupts by asking the obvious question –

“uhhh, Excuse me, but what does god need with a starship?”

Well, we all know that God, the real and only One True God, does NOT need a Starship but I site this as an example of how foolish some thoughts about God can be. God does not need any means of transportation. He does not need a home or a bed to rest His head. He does not need anything at all. Another thing we misguidedly think God needs but doesn’t is a defender!

It is true that many wars and crusades have taken place in God’s name. Families have been divided and people have died for the cause of defending God. Although Jesus told us that He would cause such divisions nowhere does He tell us to Go, force Christianity down all the worlds throat and if they don’t believe – kill them!

He did, however, tell us to –

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16:15-16 NKJV

and when He sent the 12 out Jesus instructed them

 “Stay at one home in each village—don’t shift around from house to house while you are there,” he said. 11 “And whenever a village won’t accept you or listen to you, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave; it is a sign that you have abandoned it to its fate.” Mark 6:10-12 TLB

So, we are in fact called to be witnesses of God. Giving testimony to what the Lord has done for us and how our lives have been positively affected by His Love. We are supposed to be salt, light and a city on a hill. Our lives should exemplify the teachings of Christ. That is enough for us to accomplish.

When we are confronted by those who do not believe we should not attempt to convert them or change them. Jesus said that we should be witnesses nothing more. I can tell you what I believe based on my own experience – that’s all. I have done my job. The Word of God tells us that one man plants a seed, another waters that seed but it is the Lord that gives the increase.

I, myself, vehemently opposed hearing the testimonies of believers when I was a lost defiant young man. I wouldn’t say that I didn’t believe in a god – I just didn’t believe in the God of the Bible. I certainly didn’t need to follow whatever God YOU were selling! I was lost in my sin and blinded from the truth. God in His Love opened my eyes and delivered me from my own foolishness.

So, the next time you are standing across from someone who is certain that you are a fool for believing in Jesus and the Bible, try to remember that they are not your enemy and you are not God’s Defender.  God had a plan for me that was revealed in His time and He has a plan for everyone which will be completed – In His Timing

Live Love Pray

Live your life to the glory of God

Love your neighbor as yourself

Pray for the lost like their life depends on it

Sing and dance and laugh and hope

because you are blessed and highly favored

and remember God will defend Himself

and make all His enemies His footstool

Thank you for stopping by and be Blessed, Al


Ps – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is a 1989 American science-fiction film released by Paramount Pictures and is copyright protected and used here as editorial reference only.