The Problem With Instant Coffee

Who doesn’t like a nice hot cup of coffee?!?!

Cup of hot coffee with steam on dark background. Toned image.

   The problem with instant coffee, or the K-cup generation, is that it gets us used to the idea of instant gratification.  Now this isn’t a new concept by any means. Quick and easy coffee has been here for years but there is a whole generation of young adults who probably don’t know what a percolator looks like never mind how laborious it was to prepare the coffee and then wait for it to perk!

    Yes, I know that I sound like some old-timer harping on about the good old days and bemoaning these new fangled ideas! I am aware and I do have the grey hair that goes with it. But, stay with me for a moment please.

    Fast food and fast coffee and oil changes in 30 minutes or less along with next day shipping and so on and so on can have a real affect on how we think or expect things to be. Not everything is quick and easy. You can’t speed everything up. You shouldn’t be able to hasten the development of a baby inside the womb and you can’t attain years of experience in a particular field of study overnight either. Some things just take time.

    As many of you may know I am a contractor. I have worked with tile and marble for over 30 years now and in that time I have gone threw my share of young apprentices. One in particular comes to mind because he fits in our discussion here. A young guy just out of high school and looking for work, I hired him as a helper, a go-for if you understand that expression. He had no experience and would have to be taught everything. Side note – it wasn’t that many years ago that such a young person would have paid to learn the trade – but I digress.

    About the third day of basically carting this and handing me that and other boring mundane  stuff he turned to me to say “I thought I was going to set marble, not be your slave! I turned down the chance to go run with the bulls in Pamplona for this!” Needless to say, I for one wasn’t going to stand in his way of getting gored in Spain – I let him go that day.

    Somethings just take time. The Bible tells us not to despise the days of small beginnings and that in our patience we win our souls. James speak of us letting patience have its work in us so that we will be whole, complete and lack nothing. James 1:4.  I have a niece who along with her newlywed husband finally were able to buy a little home in Georgia.  “It’s a cute little house” my sister told me in a phone conversation. “They need to do a lot of work to it and there’s not much furniture to speak of now, but they’ll manage.” I was grinning from ear to ear as my sister told me about the young couples new place because I knew that they would make it their own. Sure it will be hard work and it will take sacrifice and sweat but in the end it will not just be a house – it will be their home that they made.

      So, this post may have been a grey-haired old man going on about the good old days after all but if anyone can take away anything from this I hope it’s the idea to slow down and enjoy where you are rather than where you hope to be.

He has us all where He wants us and will use us to His Glory – Here and now!

     Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.         Ps. 46:10 KJV

1 thought on “The Problem With Instant Coffee

  1. Men of One Accord

    I still perk my coffee and I too have been an electrician for more than 40 years. I started in the trades with my grandfather who was mason at the age of 13, I was his labour (did I spell that right?). I know what youu are saying! Blessings my brother! 🙂


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