Happy Anniversary (to us)

Our first anniversary is almost here and it’s been a great year – thanks to all of you who have stopped by to read the posts and give feedback.

For a long time I wanted to start a blog as a way to sharing, growing and interacting with a community of believers. Last year I finally set aside my fears and stepped out in faith. As some of you may have noticed the blog has gone threw changes as I have become more familiar with the process.

Two major things I have taken away from this past year are –

I don’t have to have the answers. I am only one voice in a sea of many but the need to “have the answer” doesn’t exist. The Bible has the answer and the Holy Spirit leads us all to that truth. I only hoped to create a place where conversations can start. I hope I have done that and will continue to challenge us all to grow in the knowledge of His love.

Another thing I learn is I am only a part of the much larger community. As I see on the internet so many different types of blogs from believers I have to accept that I am only a small part of a larger body. Much like the foot is only part of the body and should not compare itself to the hand or the head. We all have our part to play in keeping the body whole and functioning.

Autumn Tree 3

 As a child plays in a pile of freshly raked Autumn leaves let us dive into Gods Word together this coming year and see what wonderful things He has for us to learn.

Thank you all for stopping by. Be Blessed, AL

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