If You Love Something…..

If you love something set it free
and if it comes back to you its yours
and if it doesn’t it was never was.

For decades this poem, or some version of it, has been set to music, printed on posters and repeated as sage advise to the love lorn youth.

But the truth is the concept behind this montra is much older. Its as old as time itself and continues to this very moment. That’s because the concept of setting something, or someone really, free to go and live their life and hope that they come back to you frist started with God.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.  Jeremiah 1:5 NKJV

That’s a statement to consider.

Taken at face value it says that we all came from God before we came from mommy! The question is will we go back? Just like the poem says – if you love something set it free. God has done just that. He loves us and He set us free. Free to make our own choice as to whether or not we will return to Him or go our own way. Free to believe in Him and His love for us. Free to trust in Him or to venture off on our own.

In this culture of being “green” why not consider the ultimate act of recycling and ….



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