Summers End

Empty Boardwalk Long Beach, NYHello friends.

Its been a busy fast moving Summer and I really wish the days didn’t go by so quickly. I hope that everyone had a wonderful vacation season and that you are all settling back into the routine of back to school or back to work.

In the near future I hope to inspire and challenge us all to discuss our faith and trust in the Lord.

Until then let me simply say that no matter where you are or what you are going threw –


2 thoughts on “Summers End

    1. tknot57 Post author

      Hi Tom, Thanks so much for the comment. That picture was taken at the Long Beach, NY boardwalk the day after Labor day and truly the Summer season was over. Some time after that Sandy hit and that boardwalk and seats were destroyed. It has since been rebuilt but I was glad I took that shot when I did. Hope you had a great Summer. Here comes Autumn – Gods’ Color show! Be Blessed, Al


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