Cartoon Character

You know that cartoon where the villain, while chasing the hero, runs off of a cliff and continues to run until he realizes that there isn’t any ground under him and only then does gravity take over and he falls like a rock! Beep Beep!

Well, that was me today!

I was driving home from a long days work in the first real Summer heat to hit us when I looked down to see that my vehicles inspection expired – 3 months ago! Where was I? What was I thinking? Haven’t I been in this van everyday for the past ten years? Obviously, I wasn’t thinking about the vans inspection. So, now, 15 miles away from home, I am certain that I am going to get pulled over and ticketed for not maintaining my van. I was whistling along happy and dumb for 3 months but NOW I am feeling guilty, worried and not just a little bit foolish. I got home safely and will be the first in line at my mechanic tomorrow morning but it reminded me of what Paul said about blissful ignorance.

For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died. Romans 7:9 NKJV

Or, if I may paraphrase, ignorance is bliss! For months I drove around content, without a care or a worry in the world. Once I knew that I was out of order, I cringed at every turn because I knew I deserved to pay the price for breaking the law.

Collecting Dust

If only I could be so “self-aware” everyday. Humbled by the fact that without Jesus and His shed blood I should be cringing in fear of the judgment that awaits me for those things that I have both knowingly and unknowingly done.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord!

Your Grace is sufficient for me!

and for all of you too….

be Blessed

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